And what’re you gonna do about it?


“We’re gonna sit here and get fur all over your couches. And you’re gonna like it.”

I live and breathe cat fur. This here is an unusual spectacle as all three of the mousers are gathered around in a pow-wow. I wonder what they were actually talking about.

“So, next up on the list is to discuss the most annoying way possible to wake our human up. Jumping up and down from the bed? Walking on her face?”


The gang’s all here.


“Let us out,” says Toby, Frodo, and Sam. “It’s time for mischief.”

Samantha displays one of her signature glares, which I have deemed the look of “Samittude.”

Oh, the joys of living with these furballs. There’s my two, Toby(tuxedo) and Sam(white/cream), and my sister’s little rascal, Fro(tabby), who sometimes joins the party.