Yin Yang


“You may have caught us this time, but no way you’ll get a decent picture like this again, Mom!”

Ha! I snuck up and surprised them. This has gotta be my favorite snapshot of Toby and Sam together!

Mama, Where’s My Presents?


“I asked Santa Paws for treats and cat wands this year…”

You just wait, Toby. You and your fluffy comrades are about to be spoiled rotten.

Well, this wraps up another crazy year with the furballs, and here’s to many more.

What’s The Use?


If you have a very hairy little princess, there’s almost no point to dusting. But still, I attempt to.

Samantha perches her butt right on my freshly wiped off bookshelf, as if she owns the place. “What’s the matter, Mom? I’m just one of the decorations.”

Indeed you are, you snow angel! However, your Sammitude is quite the opposite.


And what’re you gonna do about it?


“We’re gonna sit here and get fur all over your couches. And you’re gonna like it.”

I live and breathe cat fur. This here is an unusual spectacle as all three of the mousers are gathered around in a pow-wow. I wonder what they were actually talking about.

“So, next up on the list is to discuss the most annoying way possible to wake our human up. Jumping up and down from the bed? Walking on her face?”